St John’s Wort – A Splash of Sunshine

St John’s Wort is typically known for its ability to treat mild to moderate depression, insomnia and neuralgia.  

Similar to the Dandelion flower when treating back pain, it works more on the nerves where there are issues with the disks or where there is nerve pain or neuralgia, rather than the muscles.  

When made into an oil, St John’s Wort can be used topically to relieve burns, sunburn, bruises and sprains.  

The top leaves, unopened buds and flowers are harvested of this plant to use medicinally.  When taken as a tincture it helps to increase metabolism of serotonin and melatonin.  This make St John’s Wort a great remedy for tension, anxiety, depression and Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD).  It will however need to be used over a period of time for full effect.

Do NOT use St John’s Wort, even topically, in conjunction with pharmaceuticals since it can break them down in the liver, making them less effective.

Large amounts can cause photosensitivity.

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